Late Shri Pramod P. Shah was a visionary of sorts. His rare foresight made him realize the potential of Pre-engineered buildings (PEB) in India very early. So the pioneer of PEB was incorporated in 1970 under his leadership. As the industry warmed up to the changing trend, it realized that Steelfab had already etched a nationwide presence, and had garnered the confidence of a loyal clientele.

And now, through four decades of service, our clientele remains our most prized asset. We bring them top-line products each time, always keeping us a step ahead of competition. Add to it our remarkable reputation for providing turnkey cost-effective solutions for buildings within the best delivery schedule, living up to the highest standards and suited to all environments.

Our engineering excellence is at our core, helping us create some of the best engineered panels in the industry.


We are dedicated to providing clients with the most professional and reliable project management, engineering, fabrication and construction services available, to construct heavy industrial Pre-Engineered Buildings. With our entrepreneurial spirit, we have built trust based on project achievements and performance. Our uncompromising emphasis on Quality through the years has left no place for errors and ensured total client satisfaction, unbeatable market leadership and immense Goodwill.

Our Goal

We strive to deliver the highest quality buildings, in the best possible time frame,
and at the best price. This single unwavering goal guides us on our path to success.

Mission Statements

To aim for higher dreams and to get closer to achieving them needs courage, mettle and true vision. It is our mission to deliver the best each time in every way. Here's how :

1. People Who Drive Us

  • Our resourceful and well experienced personnel are our greatest strength.
  • Enriched with over four decades of experience and top-of-the-line expertise,we ensure best results in terms of quality and durability.
  • Aided by latest technology, we leverage emerging trends with effortless ease.
  • Quality and Services that keep us ahead.
  • We believe that when our clients buy our products, they make a lifetime investment. We strive to bring them the most secure products, providing among the strongest warranties in our segment.
  • Our exclusive research cell makes continuous efforts to source premium quality materials from all over the world at best prices.
  • We ensure that the project managers are present on site on a long-term basis to enable a one stop solution to their queries.

2. Innovating at Every Step

  • At our design and research cell, we take each suggestion and opinion from our clients seriously and start working on it on a priority basis.
  • We believe that the end user is the best innovator. Every innovation is based on overcoming flaws and enhancing the basic capability of a structure, fortifying strength and adding value to designs.
  • Prices that strike a fair deal.
  • We understand the value of money. And our competitive pricing is a clear reflection of that.
  • Our pricing policy thoroughly depends on the mass segment we service.
  • We cater well to our segment clients, who want the best quality at most affordable prices.
  • Our optimum use of technology helps us in successfully delivering our products at enviable prices.
  • Our price is also symbolic of our commitment to provide all features and add ons and the thorough expertise of our team.


3. Quick Delivery to Make a Real Difference

  • Our just-in-time approach has enabled our company to perform under strict deadlines.
  • Our four decades of experience has added further weight to our commitments.
  • We work closely with our clients as a group to meet every target and fulfill the promise of an effective and quality structure, with all the perks and prerequisites combined in record delivery time frame.
  • In the event of unforeseen problems, our team is dedicated to rapidly work and get things back on track and salvage time

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